A bar with home-brewed beverages by Klint & Bro 

Our story

We are two good friends with common ideas and visions - we believe in a world where things are done right with heart and dedication. 
Through play, investigation and experimentation - we started Klint & Bro, our own microbrewery two years ago.

The last two years has been hard work, we have spent an infinite number of hours brewing, bottling and delivering our Kombucha (a fermented, effervescent, non- alcoholic drink).

Fortunately, it has been worth it all. Our first solid brew won the best beverage in ‘Sol Over Gudhjem 2017’ Denmark’s biggest chef competition and this summer we were invited to make an exclusive Kombucha for the sixth MAD Symposium “The Food Worlds G-20” founded by René Redzepi from Noma. 
It might not sound like much, but we are humbled and proud of the recognition our small company has achieved so far.

Something has been brewing

Since we started brewing in 2016, we have always had a hard time finding a permanent place to brew, so we have been brewing in a ton of different kitchens and have always had to move on to a new place for one reason or another. 
Two long years went by before we found the perfect place in a slightly forgotten part of Nørrebro, Copenhagen. 
We wish to create a place where we can welcome people into our world and serve them our freshly brewed beverages directly from the tap. 
A place filled with the low buzz of our neighbors, friends and family. 
So, we started the hard and expensive process of turning the space into exactly what we have imagined. 
The interior is built by members of the Klint family. By doing so, it tells a lifelong story of craftsmanship and design. The space will be a visual testimony of the values that we set above all; quality and perfection. 
Now after several months of rebuilding, we are closer than ever to the goal of opening our bar


The bar will be open initially 5 days a week from noon until evening. We will be serving a range of freshly brewed fermented beverages such as Kombucha, beer, ginger beer and also coffee. 

We will be focusing on beverages both with and without alcohol.

On special occasions, we will host community dinners and pop-up dinners where all guests will be seated at a long table, sharing a meal done by our in-house chefs or guest chefs.

Eddie Klint & Louis Bro

Louis has a background of entrepreneurship and sports. His mother ran a catering company most of his childhood and here Louis would help with the big dinner parties.

Eddie started in culinary school at the age of 16 and worked in different restaurants around Copenhagen after that. He spent the years between 2007-2011 travelling from country to country gathering knowledge of different food cultures where particularly raw food and fermented food has stuck with him ever since.

SUPPORT US ON KICKSTARTER – it’s all or nothing!

We have at this point used all our savings and borrowed what we possibly could. Therefore, we turned to crowdfunding. Hopefully we will obtain the financial aid we need to get this thing going. Please help us reach our goal, so we can keep on brewing and serving this wonderful city the best home-brewed beverages.

We are at this point gathering financial support through the public benefit corporation, Kickstarter. It’s all or nothing! - which means that we need to reach 150.000kr. in pledges. If we don’t reach our goal before January 6th, we won’t receive any funding. Follow our crowdfunding and support us on: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1701502859/a-bar-with-home-brewed-beverages-by-klint-and-bro?ref=creator_nav